The Shadow Spy

Written By Robert Lance

The Shadow Spy

By Robert Lance


Doug Findley is a rookie CIA sleeper agent activated to expedite the demise of the Soviet Union. His task is simple: build a conduit to secretly transfer black funds to finance pro-western factions in Russia. Put another way, it’s election fraud to throw the Communists Party out of power.

What starts out as a “drop box” assignment escalates before Doug can finish the job He accidentally learns he’s a ‘throw-away’ agent. Imagine his shock when he discovers he does not work for the CIA and never did. He is a surrogate of a global conspiracy and beyond the reach of the CIA.

Doug’s end game takes him to banks all over Europe where his secret weapon is an extraordinary photographic memory. His enemies need the database of the accounts he has accumulated in his head before they can cancel his birth certificate. Because it’s all in his head is the reason his friends are frantically trying to kill him.

The pendulum of the balance of power is Findley’s clock and he’s running out of time. He becomes the target of the KGB, the Russian mob, his own CIA, and a secret power cartel that have their own sinister plans for Russia. Betrayal, treachery, and murder are one hairpin curve ahead of him and he is desperate to find a dark place to hide his shadow.


Doug Findley will entertain you as he takes you through the meltdown of the Soviet Union. His exploits parallel true events that will leave you to wonder if the Soviet super power decline was a devious plan of deception that was meant to fail.

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